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Biden Administration Funds 7 Hydrogen Hubs with $7 Billion

WASHINGTON, DC – On Friday, the Biden administration revealed its intention to allocate up to $7 billion towards the establishment of seven regional hubs across the United States. These hubs will be dedicated to the production and utilization of hydrogen, a clean-burning fuel with the potential to propel ships and fuel factories while generating zero planet-warming emissions.

Hydrogen is widely acknowledged as a promising weapon in the battle against climate change, provided it can be manufactured without any greenhouse gas emissions. When hydrogen is burned, it only emits water vapor. However, the use of this clean hydrogen is currently quite limited. Through these grants, the Biden administration aims to kickstart an entire industry from the ground up.

Numerous regions vied for the funding, with proposed hydrogen projects set to receive support in the Gulf Coast (Texas and Louisiana), Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey), Appalachia (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio), the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan), the Upper Midwest (Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota), the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and Montana), and a hub in California will also secure funding.

President Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm were anticipated to visit the Port of Philadelphia on Friday to discuss this announcement.

In June, Ms. Granholm stated, “Clean hydrogen is one of our most versatile, powerful tools to reduce emissions,” when outlining the administration’s hydrogen strategy. In theory, hydrogen has the potential to assist in the production of steel, cement, chemicals, and fertilizer. It can also be employed to fuel trucks, ships, and airplanes, or generate electricity, all without releasing the greenhouse gases responsible for dangerous global warming.


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