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U.S. Ranks Sixth in 2024 Henley Passport Index, Offering Visa-Free Access to 189 Destinations

WASHINGTON, DC – The top position for the most powerful passports is jointly held by six countries, comprising four European nations and two Asian ones, as per the Henley Passport Index data. Singapore and Japan, along with France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, boast the most potent passports globally, granting access to 194 destinations without requiring a visa, according to the 2024 Henley Passport Index. South Korea, Finland, and Sweden follow closely in the second position, providing visa-free access to 193 destinations.

Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands secure the third spot with access to 192 destinations, while Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom rank fourth on the list with visa-free access to 192 destinations. According to Forbes, the United Kingdom has witnessed an improvement in its ranking compared to the previous year, and similarly, the United States has seen significant growth, securing the sixth position alongside Hungary and Canada, offering visa-free access to 189 destinations. Greece, Malta, and Switzerland claim the fifth position, and Australia, Czechia, New Zealand, and Poland tie for the sixth rank.

In the Henley Passport Index, India holds the 80th position, sharing it with Uzbekistan, providing access to 62 destinations without a visa. Indian passport holders can travel visa-free to various countries, including Bhutan, the British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Thailand, Jordan, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Indonesia. Additionally, Indians can obtain visas on arrival in countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Iran, Bolivia, Cape Verde Islands, Madagascar, Gabon, and more. India has seen a three-rank improvement compared to the 2023 Henley Passport Index. According to Henley’s report, Afghanistan ranks last in the index, followed by Syria, Iraq, and Pakistani passports.


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